Passive Solar Heating

Greetings SNH’ers, I am back with another good way to do things just a bit smarter. Passive solar heating ideas have been around for a long time. If you are new to the concept, then this might spur on a great idea for you! Passive solar heating uses the sun to heat something without a […]

Blueberries Planted!

Greetings SNH’ers, Today, I had a nice bit of cool weather and planted some of the blueberries that I received for Christmas. Sams club had a great deal on some whiskey barrel look-alike planters. Berries are one of the best “smarter not harder” things you can plant because the cost of berries in the grocery […]

4 days to Christmas Update

Happy Christmas SNH’ers, It has been a pretty crazy couple of weeks, thus my lack of posting. Let’s run down the list: * I suffered a severe back injury that laid me up for several days and had to go to the emergency room! * Little SNH’ers got sick before the Christmas holiday. * Christmas […]

Go green with Geothermal!

Greetings SNH’ers, ‘Going Green’ seems to be a topic on a lot of minds lately. I have always been fond of using the available energy we have to maximize the comfort in our homes and maximize the long term dollar in our pocket. This is the geothermal heating and cooling article! There has been a […]

Low Hanging Fruit

If you ever looked at the detailed economics of growing a few plants for their harvest, you might want to be careful about your purchase. With the Florida move now complete, I thought it would be great to get in on the March strawberry haul and grow about 10 plants myself. The Florida strawberry season […]


Since this blog is not particularly focused on just the primary topics, I thought I would also write out some goals. Really, I think everybody should evaluate their goals periodically to keep themselves driven. Having a set of defined goals is one habit of highly successful people. Short Term Goals (1 year or less) Finish […]