Seed saving from your fall harvest!

If you want to continue to propagate loved plants or specialty varieties, you should try saving some seeds from year to year. In this group of pictures, I take you through the steps of saving some pepper seeds from our tabasco pepper plant.

1) If you’re like me and have built up a tolerance to the capsaicin in your peppers, you might not need to put on some gloves. All others, please put on some gloves.

2) I like to dry my peppers first before pulling the seeds. This way, when you cut off the head, most of them will come out by simply rolling the pepper between your fingers.

3) Put the seeds on a paper towel to remove excess moisture that may still be left on the seeds. Moisture can be an enemy to seed savers by allowing the seeds to mold or even sprout.

4) Count each and every seed you have on your paper towel. Just kidding, please don’t do this.

5) Get a glass jar with a lid that creates a decent seal. Place your seeds inside, but give them some time to dry again.

6) After a few days, place the lid on it and put in a cool, dry and dark location.

7) Plant in the next garden cycle, check your propagation rates. Beware that not all plants come true to seed, but peppers are fairly reliable as long as you don’t have a lot of different varieties growing in the same space.

A quick update 9/6/2020

Happy Labor Day Weekend SNHers,

I am taking a much needed vacation from professional life for the next week and going to focus a bit on our new property. The little SNHers are headed back to school on Tuesday. Our experiment with virtual school did not go well as our children are craving the interaction of real teachers. The online scenario also fails on its face when #3 is entering her first year of Kindergarten. It is surprisingly difficult to get her to follow the online instruction and be at home with so many distractions.

I am planning to work on these items:

* Take down 1 of the metal sheds.

* Fix a curtain issue where the new cats threaten its ability to stay on the wall on an hourly basis.

* Fertilize the blueberries for the fall season.

* Maybe get a few more plants started now that things are settling in.