A quick update 9/6/2020

Happy Labor Day Weekend SNHers,

I am taking a much needed vacation from professional life for the next week and going to focus a bit on our new property. The little SNHers are headed back to school on Tuesday. Our experiment with virtual school did not go well as our children are craving the interaction of real teachers. The online scenario also fails on its face when #3 is entering her first year of Kindergarten. It is surprisingly difficult to get her to follow the online instruction and be at home with so many distractions.

I am planning to work on these items:

* Take down 1 of the metal sheds.

* Fix a curtain issue where the new cats threaten its ability to stay on the wall on an hourly basis.

* Fertilize the blueberries for the fall season.

* Maybe get a few more plants started now that things are settling in.

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