The quest for fresh foods marches on!

Greetings SNH family, my pavement planted hands are finally healing up to where I could get a few things done in the garden this weekend. We had to replace the chicken water container as it broke when I was carrying it across the yard. The ladies were also laying a good bit under the roost. While technically edible, we did a cleanout and hopefully they will be back in the boxes today.

We had a great harvest of pak choi. I put 5 bags into the freezer for soups and save a fresh group for stir fry tonight.

about 20 heads of pak choi in that basket. A lot of work to prep them all.
Pak Choi stir fry with steak, peas, carrots and onions too.

Lastly, we had a mix of white globe turnips and another variety that I had some seeds of but have since forgotten what type. The greens were frozen and the roots stored in the fridge.

Turnip Roots
Turnip Greens, before cleaning.

I also took about 30 minutes to put our tomato volunteers into pots.

Get ready for spring, its going to come fast.

Brief Garden update

Harvested some more carrots today and looking forward to getting tomatoes growing again in spring.

Here are some pics from today.

A fresh Carrot Harvest, we served them in a crocpot with lemon pepper chicken tonight.
Buttercrunch and Pak Choi coexisting nicely
t Half a bed for Carrots, cant wait till a black nebula carrot is harvested.
Green Cabbages from Pine Tree Seeds. These have grown much smaller than the flat dutch variety last year. I don’t think I will re-grow this variety in my area.
I have higher hopes for this red cabbage than their green counterparts, but the grow time will take us into April for these.
Kale and Broccoli are coming along on schedule.

I may have planted too many mustard starts for our use, but the chickens will enjoy what we don’t eat.

The onion bed is weedy. 4 to 5 more months of growing for these to get big and bulb up. I did the weeding after the picture.
A couple of grocery store potatoes that sprouted eyes are now being made into more potatoes. These are russets.
I have pulled tons of turnips this year, the middle section still has a good number. There are also some sugar snap peas and some rutabagas in there.
We have tons of volunteer tomatoes popping up. I have a good spot where I will transplant them to some pots and then likely into a defined spot in a month or two.

The eggs have picked up this week from about 1 day. We have 2 days this last week with 2 eggs, and 4 today. They are like solid gold in the market right now.

We have now harvested about $400 from the garden this year in our database. I have till March to review the year tally and start again.