Brief Garden update

Harvested some more carrots today and looking forward to getting tomatoes growing again in spring.

Here are some pics from today.

A fresh Carrot Harvest, we served them in a crocpot with lemon pepper chicken tonight.
Buttercrunch and Pak Choi coexisting nicely
t Half a bed for Carrots, cant wait till a black nebula carrot is harvested.
Green Cabbages from Pine Tree Seeds. These have grown much smaller than the flat dutch variety last year. I don’t think I will re-grow this variety in my area.
I have higher hopes for this red cabbage than their green counterparts, but the grow time will take us into April for these.
Kale and Broccoli are coming along on schedule.

I may have planted too many mustard starts for our use, but the chickens will enjoy what we don’t eat.

The onion bed is weedy. 4 to 5 more months of growing for these to get big and bulb up. I did the weeding after the picture.
A couple of grocery store potatoes that sprouted eyes are now being made into more potatoes. These are russets.
I have pulled tons of turnips this year, the middle section still has a good number. There are also some sugar snap peas and some rutabagas in there.
We have tons of volunteer tomatoes popping up. I have a good spot where I will transplant them to some pots and then likely into a defined spot in a month or two.

The eggs have picked up this week from about 1 day. We have 2 days this last week with 2 eggs, and 4 today. They are like solid gold in the market right now.

We have now harvested about $400 from the garden this year in our database. I have till March to review the year tally and start again.

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