I am boycotting the anti-first amendment corporations !

Greetings Fans of the SNH site. Today, I am blocking twitter, facebook and other platforms that are singularly focused on suppression of free speech and opinions in opposition to theirs. You will no longer have the convenient links to their platforms from snhliving. I recommend you do the same for your privacy and freedom.

It is my Libertarian view that the first and second amendments are paramount to the freedom of all US citizens.

Mr. SNH.


Since this blog is not particularly focused on just the primary topics, I thought I would also write out some goals. Really, I think everybody should evaluate their goals periodically to keep themselves driven. Having a set of defined goals is one habit of highly successful people.

Short Term Goals (1 year or less)

  • Finish down payment savings for home purchase.
  • Assist my little SNH’ers more with schoolwork and be a more encouraging Mr. SNH’er.
  • Go on a real date with Mrs. SNH, the time is too far in between.
  • Increase 1% of salary going to 401k.
  • Take Cocoa the wonder dog for more walks because..truth is.. I need it more than she does.
  • Increase my position and influence at my full time real life work job!
  • Maintain at least 1 post per week on SNH.
  • Start video interviews with members of my new community on the space coast for the SNH website.
  • Successfully start a Tropic Sweet, Golden Dorsett and Anna apple trees on the East Coast of Florida. Yes, I want apples in middle Florida.

Long Term Goals (1-30 years out)

  • Save / Plan for a vacation home where seasons exist. Sorry Florida.
  • Continue to develop my software/hardware idea to help people grow more food for themselves.
  • Find ways to be more philanthropic.
  • Catch a Salmon! It eluded me for the years that I lived in the most beautiful state in the United states, but I am still chasing it.
  • Be able to grow at least 1/3 of our fruit/vegetable need for our family of 5.