New Seed Order Coming!

I am very excited. I just placed a seed order with Baker Creek. Here is the list:

Black Beauty TomatoTX12506/28/20
Blue Beauty TomatoTX11006/28/20
Blue Berries TomatoTX11106/28/20
Brad’s Atomic Grape TomatoTX13306/28/20
Green Zebra TomatoTG10306/28/20
Rosa Bianca EggplantEG10506/28/20
Chicago Pickling CucumberCU18106/28/20
Galeux D’ Eysines SquashSQ15606/28/20
Solar Flare LettuceLT18506/28/20

Some of these are really for pure enjoyment. The tomato crop has been decent, so I thought I would stock up on the odd varieties that might have an element of fun. I am really looking forward to the Black Beauty and Atomic Grape Tomato.

The Eggplant is really a final attempt for me to like eggplant, so I picked one that had great reviews and looks neat!

I will trial a few of these for the fall garden. Hopefully, at our new house.

Sincerely – Mr. SNH.

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