Since this blog is not particularly focused on just the primary topics, I thought I would also write out some goals. Really, I think everybody should evaluate their goals periodically to keep themselves driven. Having a set of defined goals is one habit of highly successful people.

Short Term Goals (1 year or less)

  • Finish down payment savings for home purchase.
  • Assist my little SNH’ers more with schoolwork and be a more encouraging Mr. SNH’er.
  • Go on a real date with Mrs. SNH, the time is too far in between.
  • Increase 1% of salary going to 401k.
  • Take Cocoa the wonder dog for more walks because..truth is.. I need it more than she does.
  • Increase my position and influence at my full time real life work job!
  • Maintain at least 1 post per week on SNH.
  • Start video interviews with members of my new community on the space coast for the SNH website.
  • Successfully start a Tropic Sweet, Golden Dorsett and Anna apple trees on the East Coast of Florida. Yes, I want apples in middle Florida.

Long Term Goals (1-30 years out)

  • Save / Plan for a vacation home where seasons exist. Sorry Florida.
  • Continue to develop my software/hardware idea to help people grow more food for themselves.
  • Find ways to be more philanthropic.
  • Catch a Salmon! It eluded me for the years that I lived in the most beautiful state in the United states, but I am still chasing it.
  • Be able to grow at least 1/3 of our fruit/vegetable need for our family of 5.

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