Keeping more money by cutting costs at home.

Greetings SNH’ers, a while back when Mrs. SNH and I really needed to clamp down on our expenses after the short sale of our house. We examined the day to day activities that we did and what they were costing us. One of the biggest costs was paying for “traditional” cable tv service. It was running us about $80 per month for a service that provided us with many channels that we just didn’t watch. Doing the math, over the course of a 2 year contract with cableco, that nets us about $1920 out of our pocket. I decided to purchase a low cost antenna for local news and take advantage of the services offered inside of a Roku streaming unit.

We now pay about $160/year in add-ons and have netflix/amazon and some shared content with relatives. Talk about savings! We have now been a cord cutting family for at least 6 years. While I do occasionally miss the Gold Rush show on discovery, the sheer quantity of apps for the roku as well as the savings more than make up for it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about putting up an antenna, check out the following website: to get a brief idea which channels are available with a decent antenna. We currently get about 12 reliable channels which include ABC, NBC, FOX and PBS.

As for Roku, here is a sampling of some of the apps we use on a regular basis:

  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Video
  • Netflix
  • Starz
  • Vudu
  • Pluto TV
  • Sling
  • NewsOn
  • and the roku channel itself.
  • Have a great evening.

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